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International ideas, issues and information

I’m so fortunate in my work to be able to “picture” international ideas, issues and information as my graphic recording takes me to many places here at home and overseas. Examples of some of my international work is pictured below.

1st Asia-Pacific Conference on Integrated Care (Brisbane, Australia)

I was the Graphic Recorder at the 1st Asia-Pacific Conference on Integrated Care (APIC1) held in Brisbane which focused on “Inspiring new ideas and stronger partnerships for improving population health“. It was inspiring to hear the real-life and moving stories of healthcare consumers and help to draw out the new and innovative ways we are working together for Integrated Care. You can see more of how I draw out Community & Health ideas and issues.

Melissa Fox, CEO Health Consumers Queensland, Plenary presentation ” What will consumer and community engagement look like in the future? The next generation of partnering”


East Asia-Pacific Region

Stakeholder Forum for coastal communities (Manila, Philippines)

Working with the Capturing Coral Reef and Related Ecosystem Services (CCRES) project through the University of Queensland I was the Graphic Recorder at their annual Stakeholder Forum and Planning Workshop held in Manila, Philippines in February 2016. The CCRES project aims to demonstrate how the conflict between economies, ecosystems and community wellbeing may be resolved using the ecosystem services concept to create a mutually-beneficial relationship between local economies and the natural resources on which they rely (for more information see CCRES).

My role in the Philippines was to capture and convey the key messages, discussions and outcomes from the 3-day Forum with CCRES researchers and coastal stakeholders from the Philippines, Indonesia, the USA and Australia. Here are some of the visual stories and products from this Forum which range from capturing the Plenary talk, researchers presentations, info-graphics and feedback from the project’s strategic review.

Here I am capturing the Plenary talk by Professor Pete Mumby from the University of Queensland (UQ, Australia) entitled “Unlocking the value of coastal ecosystems in the East Asia-Pacific”.

Testimonial:This was the first time that a visual story was created during my talk and it captured it beautifully. Maybe I’ll be out of a job in future! Thanks, Sue, it really brings things to life and creates a striking record of what was otherwise a rather forgettable talk!“, Professor Pete Mumby, UQ, Australia

It’s so great to see people really engaging with the visual stories I produce for them! Above are members of the CCRES Technical Steering Committee having some fun ‘pointing out’ aspects of the visual story from the Plenary session.

Testimonial: “Working with Dr Sue at this international stakeholder event in the Philippines was one of the most enjoyable, engaging and innovative presentations I have been involved with. Dr Sue was able to translate complex ideas into simple images while capturing the key messages coming back from the audience. The end result was a more engaged audience, better clarity of message and a terrific take home visual record of the whole thing“. Dr John Pickering, UQ, Australia

As part of my graphic recording work at the Stakeholder Forum I also created a number of different visual products including info-graphics and posters which interacted with augmented reality software (the SESAMME app as shown below with a smiling Dr Carl Smith) to help tell the visual story of the CCRES project.

Testimonial: “We (Carl and Russell) have had the pleasure of collaborating with Dr Sue on the CCRES project and the positive response that her work has elicited. Her graphical interpretations of the systems analysis work we have done has been awesome as has been her willingness to embrace some of our ‘leap of faith’ ideas eg. combining her illustrative skills with ‘augmented reality’. We really look forward to continuing to work with Sue and ‘draw’ upon her exceptional graphical skills!” Dr Carl Smith and Dr Russell Richards, UQ, Australia

East Asian Seas Congress (Danang, Vietnam)

Working again with the CCRES project I was the Graphic Recorder at the East Asian Seas (EAS) Congress held in Danang, Vietnam in November 2015. At this Congress CCRES convened the “Application of Knowledge Management in Scaling up Public and Private Sector Investments in a Blue Economy” Workshop. I graphically recorded each of the nine presentations from this Workshop, which were eagerly accepted by our presenters from the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, the USA and Australia.

Here are some of the visual stories from the Knowledge Management Workshop including how Congress presenters and delegates interacted with the visual products – illustrating just how effective this visual approach is in engaging with people.

Testimonial: “Thank you for your great artworks and spirit during the Congress Workshop. Your attention to detail really captured the critical elements of my presentation. I’m going to laminate my poster and share it with my colleagues when I get back home.” EAS Congress presenter

Dr Tundi Agardy (from Sound Seas, USA) interacting with her visual story (“taking small steps”)

Testimonial: “I was drawn to your colorful and informative posters“, EAS Congress delegates

Dr Russell Richards (UQ, Australia) looking very happy with his SESAMME app and SESAMME visual story!

CCRES Annual Report 2015

Using the visual stories from the CCRES events to put people in the picture!

*Please note the use of my graphics and visuals need to be attributed to me and remain unaltered unless written permission is given as all graphics and images are Copyright © 2023 Dr Sue Pillans