A Whale Shark of a time!!

Having a whale shark of a time in Western Australia as part of the annual Whale Shark Festival held in Exmouth! That’s my hubby Dr Richo in the Whale Shark suit! Stay tuned here and via my alter ego Dr Suzie Starfish for the turtle and whale shark tagging which starts this week as part of the Ningaloo Outlook Project, a research partnership between CSIRO and BHP Billiton. Now let’s start tagging!!

Ningaloo time!!

I’m super excited about my upcoming visit to the World Heritage listed Ningaloo Marine Park in Western Australia! I will be taking the plunge with the CSIRO research team who are part of the Ningaloo Outlook Project with BHP Billiton to tag marine megafauna, including our wondrous Whale Sharks and graceful Green Turtles. My trip also includes a visit by my alter ego Dr Suzie Starfish to Exmouth School and I’m so looking forward to seeing the students again! So stay tuned for some Ningaloo underwater wonders coming this way soon!

Shell-ebrate World Turtle Day!

Today we shell-ebrate (and celebrate) World Turtle Day!! These photos celebrate the turtle tagging done in the first year of the Ningaloo Outlook Project, a research partnership between CSIRO and BHP Billiton, in Western Australia. I’m very lucky to be part of this amazing research team. Stay tuned for more turtle tagging stories coming here soon and via my alter ego Dr Suzie Starfish.

Life is a beach…at Rainbow!

I have just returned from a great getaway to my favourite seaside town of Rainbow Beach!  What an absolutely beautiful part of coastal Queensland, Australia, and what a great time I had by the sea to rest and recharge before ‘diving into’ my next creative marine adventure. So stay tuned here and via my alter ego Dr Suzie Starfish for more seaside stories coming soon!!