A “work” of art!

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing your graphic recording work proudly displayed up on people’s office walls! It was such a great experience visualising this team’s achievements regarding their policy and planning work for Queensland’s natural resources. I especially love when you get such great feedback from the teams you work with: “Thank you again for helping us on our team reflections day. We have put the visual stories up on the wall. Quite a few people have mentioned that they appreciate having them on the wall as a reminder”. You can check out more about this Team building experience and their resulting “work” of art at Government groups.

How to beat boring meetings!

How do you bring some colour and energy to a meeting these days, easy, you just invite a Graphic Recorder along to draw out your ideas and visualise your meeting minutes!! These visual meeting minutes are hot off the press! I recently created these for CSIRO and their Torres Strait fishery stakeholders. These nifty visuals provide a record of meeting discussions, reinforce key messages and a point of reflection. You can check out more about these visual meeting minutes and how I can help you to “picture your ideas”!

Animate me!

So here is what I do in animated words and pictures!! Through simple animations such as this words and pictures are brought to life. Animations can also help people, groups and organisations to tell their stories in a fun and visual way. I just love being able to create such different visual products for people, including myself!! And you can check out more About Dr Sue.