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As a Graphic Recorder for the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) I work with the Torres Strait Tropical Rock Lobster Fishery stakeholders in their science and training workshops. Graphic recording is a great way to engage with the Torres Strait stakeholders around their science and training needs, and they even jumped up on the whiteboard with me! This is a Commonwealth fishery managed by the Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) and you can read about one of the fishery science Workshops I graphically recorded, illustrating different ways to communicate with fishery stakeholders.


Testimonial“I have been to a lot of fishing meetings over the past 30 years and this meeting has to rate as one of the most positive. The way the visual representation engaged and informed everyone must have been a big contributing factor”. Phil Hughes, Torres Strait Fisher


Testimonial: “It was a good idea to trial the use of diagrams and graphics as a way of illustrating workshop themes and issues. Community fisher reps who participated in the workshop could use them visual records as a way of helping to stimulate discussion and communicate information to their respective communities”. Kenny Bedford, Torres Strait Regional Authority, Fisheries Portfolio

Picturing the science in Torres Strait!


All smiles for the CSIRO TRL team when picturing the science of the TRL fishery in TI!

How to beat those boring meeting minutes – visualize them!!

Instead of circulating the standard meeting minutes from our in-depth discussions with the Torres Strait stakeholders I came up with a fun way of collating and sharing the key messages and outcomes from these meetings – by visualizing them! The ‘visual meeting minutes’ are a snapshot of the visual stories I created throughout the meetings plus key statements and feedback from the stakeholders and photos from site visits etc. These meeting minutes really ‘put people in the picture’ by becoming a visual record and a handy point of reference post-meetings.

The feedback (and use) of these visual meeting minutes from stakeholders and my colleagues has been just amazing and it really is a genuine way of engaging with your stakeholders post-meeting versus those stock standard boring meeting minutes using dot points!