Picturing people’s ideas in the Philippines

What a great time I had at the CCRES Stakeholder Forum in Manila this week, where as a Graphic Recorder I was helping people to “picture their ideas”. Thanks to CCRES for the opportunity to draw out people’s ideas and a big thanks to all of the researchers and coastal stakeholders for your positive feedback on my visual storytelling! Hope to see you all again soon!

Pens, posters and packing for Manila!

I’m currently preparing and packing for my next Graphic Recording job, this time ‘drawing out ideas’ with the Capturing Coral Reef and Related Ecosystem Services (CCRES) team at their Stakeholder Forum being held in Manila, Philippines. CCRES is a regional technical support project that seeks to unlock new, sustainable income streams for coastal communities in the East Asia-Pacific region http://ccres.net. So stay tuned for what we draw out of the Manila Forum!

My Starfish!

I have been asked a lot lately about my alter ego “Dr Suzie Starfish”, in particular which is my Starfish!?? So here I am with ‘my starfish’ on beautiful Lady Elliot Island, the Blue Seastar (Linckia laevigata).