Celebrating picture your ideas!

I’m SO EXCITED that my first Blog of the year celebrates FOUR years of my creative business “Picture your ideas“!! I can’t believe that its been four years since I took a leap of faith and started my own small business specialising in creative and visual communications. This creative journey has taken me to so many amazing places to draw out many diverse discussions and share people’s important stories. With my pens, paints and paper I’m certainly living my life in colour!

Drawing out ideas, information and issues for people is a great job and after four years I never tire of seeing the amazement on people’s faces when they see the visuals I have created of their story.  Visual storytelling really is a powerful way of engaging with people to help put people in the picture and help them to see the ‘big picture’. One of my favourite client testimonials sums up my visual storytelling: “Sue makes the complex simple and the simple compelling“.

This celebration also means that my alter ego Dr Suzie Starfish also turns four! Dr Suzie Starfish started her journey as a Facebook page to help share the wonders of our underwater world through the art and science of ocean storytelling. From there Dr Suzie Starfish has been using art and science in schools around Australia (as art is science made clear), is a published children’s author and illustrator (of The Great Barrier Thief) and you will be able to ‘sea’ me as Dr Suzie Starfish on TV soon too! WOW!!

Whenever you celebrate a business-birthday it’s a good time to reflect on your journey  to ‘sea’ how far you have come and to celebrate those achievements. Four years ago I didn’t even know this “job” existed and over the past four years I have followed my heART to provide a range of creative and visual services I am very proud of. I’m thrilled that I have now worked with over 40 organisations, visited many regional and inner city schools across Australia, started visual and science communication workshops and become a published childrens author and illustrator!

Thank you to everyone who has and continues to support my creative journey to “Picture your ideas“. Stay tuned here as I dive into 2019 with my pens and paper and you can also follow my creative journey @suepillans on Twitter and Instagram and @drsuziestarfish on Facebook.