Living life with ESTEAMME

After a diverse career in marine research, Government and University I am now living my dreams and living my life with ESTEAMME, literally: Entrepreneurship, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics and Maker Education.


I am passionate about creative education, sharing my professional experiences and helping others to turn something they love into something they live.  I’m currently part of the below STEM mentoring programs so please Contact me if you would like to discuss this mentoring. There are many ways to communicate these days so no matter where you live in the world we can make a connection, whether that be via email, Skype, Google Hangouts, social media platforms etc.

Women in Technology

I am a Women in Technology (WiT) mentor as I strongly believe in WiTs objective that during the course of our careers it is invaluable to create and grow great connections, provide and get support to achieve personal goals and share knowledge. This program will help improve mentee’s self esteem and confidence, increase their motivation, broaden horizons and greater achievement. I’m so looking forward to sharing this WiT journey with my mentee!


I am a FabFem! FabFems are women from a broad range of professions in STEM. They are passionate, collaborative, and work to make the world a better place. Many girls have similar interests but aren’t connected to adults who exemplify the STEM career pathway. FabFems can expand girls’ career options, dispel stereotypes and spark their interests – just by being yourself! You can ‘sea’ my FabFems Marine Science profile and find out how to turn something you love into something you live!

Queensland STEM in action!

I am also part of the Queensland STEM Education Network (QSEN) and you can view my profile as a  Marine Ecologist & Artist and ‘sea’ what my career experiences have been and the advice I have for any budding marine scientist/artists!

if you would like to make a connection or chat.