Picture your ideas

I am a marine scientist, visual artist, graphic recorder and children’s author/illustrator who specialises in creative and visual communications to “Picture your ideas“.

I combine my experience as a scientist and strategist with my skills as an artist to draw out information, ideas and concepts. I do this by listening to and interpreting information which I then synthesise and simplify using words and pictures to create your visual story. Visual stories are created to suit your visual needs and your audiences from in-person live drawing at events, workshops and meetings to remote drawings via phone, email, teleconferences, zoom/skype calls, webinars and online streaming services and written information (such as meeting notes etc).

My creative and visual services include:

  • Graphic Recording & sketchnoting (live & remote)
  • Infographics & illustrations
  • Wall mural artworks
  • Working with kids (marine art-science)
  • Children’s picture books (as Dr Suzie Starfish)
  • Nature education
  • Creative & visual storytelling workshops
  • Science communication workshops
  • Original artworks

When I picture your ideas I help to make the complex simple and the simple compelling and I can picture any idea, topic or concept. I can also help to “draw out” the information, ideas and issues from the following:

  • Presentations
  • Publications
  • Planning days
  • Proposals
  • Podcasts & Webinars
  • Papers
  • Plenary’s
  • PhDs
  • Policy & legislation
  • Phone calls, teleconferences, streamed events etc

You can also dive into my ocean storytelling as children’s Author/Illustrator (“Authorstrator“) Dr Suzie Starfish, where I use marine art and science storytelling to engage, educate, excite and empower children of all ages that they CAN be the change they want to ‘sea’ in the world!

You can see more of my visual storytelling and communications using the art of science via the time-lapse video’s below:

I have always been drawn to the ocean and my happy place at Rainbow Beach, a small coastal community located along the Cooloola Coast in regional Queensland. This is where I get my illustration inspiration, plenty of Vitamin Sea and time to enjoy and explore nature.

And you can Follow My Blog to receive my posts (just click on the ‘Follow Button‘) and please don’t hesitate to Contact me to find out how I can help you to “Picture your ideas“.

Copyright all images, videos, photos, stories © 2021 Dr Sue Pillans. All rights reserved.

8 thoughts on “Picture your ideas

    • Thanks so much Hungry! Really appreciate the positive feedback on my graphic recording. Always great working with CSIRO and the Torres Strait community.


  1. Love the new website. It is great working with you, giving presentations on the Great Barrier Reef to school kids and for teacher training


    • Thank you Dr Julia! Great working with you, the school kids and their teachers to help them to “picture their ideas”!


  2. Congratulations Suzie Starfish. What an extraordinary young woman you have become. I love your concepts and wow, your photographs are excellent. Well done! Toni F.


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